Are you looking for an investment/rental property and want an Easy-to-Use app to do quick evaluations of feasibility? Are you tired of the detailed finance apps that require you to manually type in all the various costs/amounts via the keypad? This app is for you.

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This app makes things simple by:
* Uses “rule of thumb” metrics to estimate parameters automatically for you 
(e.g. rental expenses = x% of rent).
* Easy-to-use slider based controls to set values (no keyboard entry).
* Visual indications (gauges) to see immediate impact of altering values (e.g. expected rent, purchase price etc)
* Customize the default values for rule-of-thumb parameters plus override them if required for a particular property.

Other features include:
* Property Edit View – with immediate visual feedback
* Report View – shows calculation derivation for the property
* Property Comparison View – compares properties via their key indicators
* Goal Seeker Function – Click on wand to determine what purchase price you would need to offer to “break even” on a rental property
* Help Screens
* Share via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SINA if you have configured on your device
* Custom Costs: Specific costs you can select for your situation:
– V1.0: Stamp Duty calculations for each state in Australia

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Includes coverage for:
– Purchase Price
– Weekly Rent
– Loan Costs
– Other Costs (e.g. conveyancing)
– Custom Cost
– Cash Injection (cash you inject to lower loan)
– Vacancy Rate
– Rental Expenses (managing agent, rates, etc)
– Depreciation Rate
– Interest Rate (on loan)
– Tax Rate (used calculate tax cost/refund)
– Ability to toggle on/off support for “Interest on Loan is tax deductible”

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DISCLAIMER: This app provides only approximate/indicative figures only. The user should only make investment decisions based on advice from a professional accountant.